Come and find the perfect atmosphere of the live music bar Paris the Limon.

Paris is a festive city, where you know how to take advantage of life and never go to bed. But sometimes, between the images we would like to believe in and the reality of Parisian bars, there is a difference. It is not everywhere that you party in a cosy, relaxed and quality atmosphere. This live music bar Paris is the Limon, near the Champs Elysées.

Restaurant Paris with live music, an exceptional place.

A live music bar in Paris that stands out from the others, it is certainly the Limon, the bar of the hotel Marignan Champs Elysees. You can do more than just come to the restaurant, which is very good by the way, with a singer repeating her variety classics in the background. In this live music bar Paris, it is not about background music, it is about an atmosphere, an accompaniment that invites you to relax, to dance, to party. Every day, from Tuesday to Saturday, the evening ends with quality artists including a resident DJ. They are also varied voices who come to make the beautiful hours of this restaurant music live Paris. Every night a new story, every night a new atmosphere, whose program can be found regularly on the restaurant's website. 

Bar with music Paris, drink and eat in an exceptional place.

To party, the bar le Limon is the ideal place, simply because of its exceptional location. The Golden Triangle, the Champs Elysees, rue de Marignan, hard to miss this live music bar Paris. Then, we like this bar-restaurant for its quality. The atmosphere, although festive, remains elegant and hushed. At the bar, classic cocktails and custom requests are always an opportunity to enjoy a good time. At lunchtime, it is the restaurant that takes precedence over the bar atmosphere. But it is never far away with a so-called bistronomic menu, where one comes to enjoy typical French dishes, but revisited to adapt to the international clientele of the place. In this live music bar-restaurant, you are welcomed from very early in the morning, for a coffee before taking your shift, at the far hours of the night. One is there especially always very well, with a musical atmosphere which accompanies the hours of the day in a quite exceptional framework.

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